God’s Handiwork

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I thought for today’s post I’d share some photos from outings I’ve taken with friends during the last eight weeks. One thing struck me as I was going through the photos: The God who spoke all of nature into existence, took time to form each of us by hand (Psalm 139). He knows how many hairs are on our heads, and He has incredible dreams for us that go beyond anything we have dared to dream for ourselves. I encourage you today to look at these photos, listen to the song below, and let God remind you how special you are to him and share some of His dreams with you.



3 thoughts on “God’s Handiwork

  1. marypatjohns says:

    Stephanie, I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and the song. I had not heard the song before and it really touched my heart. Thanks.


    • StephNic says:

      Mary Pat, I’m so glad you enjoyed both the photos and the song. I have been touched and challenged by that song a number of times in recent months.
      Thanks for reading, looking, listening, and commenting. 🙂


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