Spoilers… A word hated by most fans of fiction, whether in print or on screen.

I have been taking a break from television during the past few weeks, and during this period of time I have missed a number of episodes of two of my favorite shows: Doctor Who and Once Upon A Time. I have had to be careful about visiting certain websites or even looking at Facebook to keep from having my future enjoyment of the episodes spoiled with knowledge of what happens.

Today, I am aware of the opposite reaction when it comes to real life. All too often, I find myself asking God for spoilers instead of trying to avoid them… When will a new main character enter my story? Will any of the current characters play a major role in a future plot twist? How many chapters until this or that takes place? Will the setting of my story change again, or can I feel settled here? Are any others leaving the story soon? My mind and heart are filled with questions I tend to believe I want answered.

Why is it that spoilers for fictional stories are to be avoided at all costs while I long to have questions about my own future answered yesterday? Why is it so difficult to enjoy the story of today without wondering about the plot twists of tomorrow?

In reality, if God gave me a view into future chapters of my story, I would likely run the other way. His story tends to be much bigger than I feel capable of living in, and spoilers might prevent me from fully engaging in the story – perhaps even altering the plot as I run from the big things coming in the pages that I have not yet lived.

God, in His wisdom, rarely gives me spoilers. Even during those rare times when I get miniscule glimpses of my story, I have to remind myself that one word here or there does not make a story. When God speaks a word or gives me a glimpse or a dream for my story, I cannot paint a full picture of my future around that one piece.

I have tried to write my own version of the story around a picture or phrase I believe God has spoken, and it has never been as good as His story would have been if I’d left the writing to Him alone. I would like to say that I have learned my lesson, but I’m afraid I continue to pick up my pen and try to write the story I think I want to live.

So, once again, I am choosing to put down the pen and allow God to write His best story for my life. I don’t have a clue what it will bring my way, and I don’t always enjoy not knowing… And yet, I do know the Author, and I know I can trust His story to be far better than any I could write for myself.


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