Fruit in Season

Last week was a fun week in the training program I’m working with – Angels and Mortals week. Each of the 19 people involved (staff and students) drew the name of the person (mortal) that they (the angel) would secretly bless throughout the week. I love things like this because I love praying for words of encouragement and getting little gifts that I think will bless others… And who doesn’t love to receive those things as well?

My angel had the brilliant idea to show me God’s goodness over the five days through each of the five senses. For taste, there were chocolate chip muffins. Smell brought the most wonderfully aromatic tea and a beautiful note about how my worship delights God and releases his goodness into lives as a pleasing aroma. A scarf, soft and warm, accompanied the note for touch, and beautiful, soothing music reminded me of God’s goodness in hearing.

Perhaps that day that impacted me the most though, was the day of seeing. There was no gift to open in the way that so many other days offered; it was just a simple note and an assignment. “Read and meditate on Psalm 104 and then ask God to reveal His beauty and goodness to you personally through His creation as you take a walk around.” I happened to have the afternoon free that day, so I went to one of my favorite spots, a bench overlooking the river with the city on the other side. The sun was out, the weather was cool and crisp, and it was a nearly perfect afternoon to sit on the bench with my Bible, worship music, and Jesus. 🙂

Psalm 104 is a beautiful passage talking of the goodness of God in creation to all that He has made. It says in verses 27-28, “They all wait for You to give them their food in due season [its appointed time]. You give to them, they gather it up; You open Your hand, they are satisfied with good.” It was with this reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness in mind that I set off for a long walk.

Along the way, I gathered a handful of sweet, juicy blackberries growing along the footpath. In the midst of enjoying the sun, the lovely temperatures, and the beauty of this place I am privileged to live in, I was also surprised to find so much good fruit left  on the bushes so late in the season. I felt God assuring me through the discovery that my own season of fruitfulness has not passed.

I know I’m not old, but sometimes I look at my life and wonder how much I have really accomplished. I have loved most of my life, and I know that I am blessed beyond measure with all that I have been able to do. There are moments though, as I’ve mentioned before, where I wonder how much fruit has really come from all of those awesome adventures. The experiences are great, but the goal isn’t to have a cool story to tell. I want to bear fruit that glorifies God through my life and experiences. I think about the book I’m writing, the dream of writing songs, my goal of teaching, and even the dream of having my own family, and I wonder about the years that have passed with what seems like so little fruit in my own eyes. Sometimes it seems like the season for bearing fruit is flying by, and I must be a late bloomer.

Through a handful of blackberries, God has spoken truth to my heart. It doesn’t matter how late in the season it appears to my eyes, there is still much good fruit to be had. God has shown me His goodness and beauty throughout my life, and hope and expectancy are building for the season to come. I have seen only glimpses of the fruit that God has in store, and I have no doubt that the best is yet to come!


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