Understanding Dawns

If you’ve read previous posts, you may have noticed a slight obsession with finding out why God brought me to Ireland. I spent 3/4 of last year asking God that very question, and lamenting the fact that He seemed silent on that particular issue. I LOVE living in Ireland, and wouldn’t choose to be anyplace else, but that question nagged constantly at the back of my mind.

In mid-December I had a good friend visit from England for a few days. We spent hours talking and processing, and God began to stir my heart for a couple of things I’d never really given much thought to before – things like songwriting and recording music. During one conversation in particular, my friend was talking about how much she enjoys visiting new places and seeing what God’s redemptive gift in each land is.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth I had to pick my lower jaw up off the floor. It was as though someone had just flipped on a switch in my brain and I felt I suddenly understood a major reason that I’m here. The phrase “land of saints and scholars” flashed through my mind, and I felt that while I may minister to a lot of people here, God brought me here for what this place has to offer me rather than what I have to offer it. This land has a history of learning and teaching, of arts, of stories and legends, of writing, of community, and of spreading the gospel to the nations beyond its borders. Those are redemptive gifts in this land, and I need those things to fulfill what I believe God has asked me to do.

During my months of searching for this answer, I’ve lost count of the times when I have uttered the sentence, “I could work on my book anywhere.” Perhaps that is not the case; maybe, just maybe the anointing that God has put on this land will play a part, whether big or small, in the progress of the ministry to which God has called me. As I continue to write, now not only a nonfiction book but perhaps new stories and songs as well, I look forward to being a tiny part of the legacy of the arts in this land that have served to build the Kingdom in the nations for centuries.

I may never have complete understanding of why I’m on earth, let alone in Ireland, but with this piece of the puzzle comes renewed passion to get all I can from my time here, however long that may be, and to give all I have in the process.


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