A Gelatinous Skeletal System

You know those moments when you’re in a group and everyone is calm and listening to one person speak, the ones where you get an attack of giggles that fights harder to burst forth as you struggle to keep it inside and quiet? Often this fight involves another person. When that’s the case the intensity of the struggle is doubled, because as one of you gets control you accidentally make eye contact or see the other person momentarily losing the battle and it gives your own attack renewed energy.

Maybe it’s because I grew up as a child of people who worked at a church, so we were always there, but this seems to happen to me most often in a church or worship setting. A couple of weeks ago was no exception…. In fact, worship is what caused the giggles, and I thought I’d share because it’s about time there was a fun, lighthearted post here again! 🙂

I may have mentioned before that I am fond of deep voices. If not, now you know. In fact, a deep bass note sung well can turn me into a puddle on the floor faster than almost anything else.

On a Monday morning recently, Peter Hollens, an a Cappella artist released an album, and one of the tracks features Avi Kaplan, the bass from Pentatonix.

I’m telling this story now because the video for this song was finally released, and I am including it in the post for your enjoyment.

The best way I can describe the effect this song has on me is to say that it turns my skeletal system gelatinous… particularly during the parts that Avi sings.

Now, back to my story. Upon my discovery of this song, I promptly added it to my iPhone and pressed the repeat button. Peter and Avi sang to me the entire 20 minute walk to worship that morning, and when I arrived I told the other girl on staff with the school I’m working with about it. As the students struggled to get the worship music playing, I told her that I could offer my music, but I would likely be the only one who was moved to worship with that particular song.

We laughed a little bit, and turned to pay attention to the girl who was now explaining the plan for the morning’s time of worship. She said that we would be watching a short video talking about the detailed design of creation and creativity of God, and then she wanted each of us to go outside and just enjoy that creativity. She encouraged us to bring all of our senses into worship by experiencing and enjoying all the sights, sounds, smells, textures and even tastes God has created for our pleasure.

As the instructions for our worship experience were being given, it struck Tatiana and I  as funny that I had just been talking about worshiping God for the beauty that is well executed bass notes. We both knew what sounds I would be worshiping along with during my walk that morning, and we got the giggles.

Telling the story now, I realize it lacks the hilarity that we found in that moment, and it strikes me that this may be one of those moments where “you had to be there” is a fitting disclaimer. However, even if I’m no longer lost in uncontrollable giggles, the idea holds true. Worship takes many forms, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and thanking Him for the ability to see, hear, touch, smell and taste the wonders He created is one of those forms. The above song may not have you praising the Creator of vocal chords that can reach those notes, but if there is a beauty of some sort that turns your bones to jelly, take a moment to thank God for it today. 🙂