Today I just want to say “Thank You” to God for the blessings He is pouring out on me.
* I’ve been able to sell all of the furniture I need to get rid of before my departure, and made a little cash to help with last-minute expenses.
* After twenty years of wearing glasses/contacts, I was told by the eye doctor that I need only wear them when my eyes feel tired or strained. I purchased a cheap pair of glasses to use for those occasions, but this saved me the cost of a contact exam, prescription sunglasses, contacts and/or better quality glasses that would have been much more expensive.
* I have continued to receive one-time donations that are helping to cover moving expenses.
* I am continuing to see results (in inch loss) of being diligent in working out.
* I have gone through my closet, and there are more clothes that now/still fit than I expected, so I will not have to buy quite as much as I anticipated.
* Perhaps the biggest praise report I have is simply that God loves me enough to not let me stay where I’m at in my relationship with Him.
He has recently pointed out to me that I had painted Him into an image that does not look like Him at all. I had imagined Him as Someone who did not communicate – at least not clearly – with me. And those times I did think I heard Him, I did not necessarily expect Him to follow through with what I heard.
For the last week, I have been spending time with Him in my journal, listening long enough (with no agenda of my own) to let Him speak and fill a page or more with His thoughts alone.
This daily time with Him is my new “hustle” for this month, and I am excited to see what all He will speak with me in the days to come. It has already been so good to practice hearing His voice, and just being with Him without the list of requests and questions that are constant in my mind these days.
No matter what is to come in this month or the next or any after that, I am so happy to be more connected once again with the God that loves to speak to His children! There are good things ahead, and I look forward to hearing His thoughts, and thanking Him for His many blessings (whatever form they take) each step of the way!


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