Has God ever spoken something to you and promised that it would happen “soon”? As I have started this year, talking to God and dreaming with Him, I have tried to avoid that word. I honestly hate it. There have been days when I throw a tantrum and refuse to listen to another word He says if He uses it yet again.

Why? Because I seem to remember a verse somewhere in the Bible talking about how a day is like a thousand years to Him. When I hear Him speak what I  refer to as the “S word” – after all, it IS four letters – I can’t help but wonder if He remembers that I don’t have the life expectancy that allows for a thousand-year-day of waiting for His promises.

Wait. That is another 4-letter word that God uses all too often in my opinion. Obviously, He doesn’t agree, and I rather doubt that I’ll be winning any arguments with Him in the near future. (I’ve tried. I’ve even thought I was victorious a time or two, but He always wins in the end.)

So, why does God insist on using the word “soon”? What does it even mean? His definition is obviously vastly different from mine.

I wonder if He ever told the children of Israel that they could go to their new home soon… They weren’t ready the first time He tried to lead them in. They got distracted by the size of the enemy and forgot the size of the One who parted the sea. They could have been home a lot sooner, but the group chose to wander longer, and most never made it to the promised land alive… That was their own fault, though.

But what about Joshua and Caleb? They had to spend those long years in the desert even though they wanted to go home the first time. They saw the enemy through the lens of God’s greatness and knew they could take them. And yet, they too, wandered for 40 years.

If you feel like you’re in a desert, and the promised land seems decades away, hang in there. You’ll get there “soon”, and it’ll be worth the wait. If God is asking you to take ground now, and you’ve been afraid because of the obstacles in the way, move! God is big enough, so make sure you’re focusing on the right thing.

Perhaps others have made choices that, like Joshua and Caleb, have delayed your victory. All that’s left for us to do in those times is make sure that we’re obedient, move forward when God opens the door (or asks us to bust it down with His help), wait, and trust that His definition of “soon” will be apparent one day.  Even if it’s 40 years… that’s a lot better than 1,000, right? 🙂


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